Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Jardín Botánico

We had a great time exploring the botanical gardens with our friends!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

17 years and going strong!

Yesterday was our 17th wedding anniversary. We are in a tough season of trials around us but, thankfully, strength within our home. Grateful for each other, riding out the waves of life together.

A few years ago I posted a photo summary of our years together, now I need to post a few more to bring it up-to-date.




Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Family Day

This fun day for us was bookended with illness - we've been taking turns being down for a day or two with a stomach bug. I think we're all done! In any case, it was nice to get away from it all at a local park together.

Dorothy and Robyn's Visit

 We had a ton of fun hosting my friends from California and they were a blessing to us!
(who wants to visit next?)
 touring downtown and Monserrate
 some of us got plenty of driving practice!

Roadtrip to Villa de Leyva:
they got a few cute pics of our boy!


Here's a few of our everyday and special moments that I happened to capture:

friends' birthday parties:
I had fun baking and designing a pirate birthday cake for one of Cedric's buddies

 plenty of playdates and park fun: 

Uncle Ron visited from Canada to work on new online Bible institute:

miscellaneous ministry opportunities at our local church:
meeting with young couples and sewing costumes for kids' camp